Case Studies

TCI Remediation Case Studies: Insulation & Mold Remediation

Friday, May 14th, 2021 by Chrysann Carnes


The howeowner's called us out to their home for Ice Dam's occurring on the eaves of the roof above their front porch.  They had also mentioned that their energy bills were quite high and that upstairs was uncomfortably warm in the summer and cold in the winter.  Large icicles were forming above their front entrance to the home.  The temperatures in the home were not at a consistent level causing the HVAC to turn on shortly after running.  Mold has been present in the attic due to lack of ventilation coming from soffits and warm humid air condensing on the sheathing.  Lack of insulation and the attic floor had not been air sealed.  The homeowner chose to have the problem fixed because this has been an ongoing problem year after year and didn't realize that mold was due to lack of insulation and ventilation problems.  The homeowners biggest concern was the icicles forming stemmed from other problems being caused in the attic.


TCI Remediation was chosen by the Homeowner to tackle the project because we were very thorough with our inspection and informative with the problems.  We explained to the homeowner with visuals that they could see was causing the problems even when icicles were not present at the time of inspection.  We instilled confidence and trust in the homeowner that we would be the best solution to solve the concerns brought to us by the homeowners accomplish list.  We removed the insulation from the attic floor and vacuumed the attic for a clean base to start with.  We then air sealed the attic floor along with covering and air sealing the two shower drop ceilings.  We had to remediate the mold and add baffles to the soffit vents to allow proper ventilation in the attic to escape out the present roof vents.  We installed 17" of blown in cellulose to achieve R-60.  The attic was extremely hot for the removal process of the project.  We used RMR-86 stain remover and RMR-141 fungicide/ disinfectant to remediate the mold. ZypFoam for sealing any air leaks from below, Silverglo Foam board and TruSoft cellulose blown is insulation.