Attic Insulation and R-Values for Michigan Attics

Attic Insulation and R-Values in Michigan

According to "Of the $2,000 the average American spends paying for energy annually, $200 to $400 could be going to waste from drafts, air leaks around openings, and outdated heating and cooling systems."

What is R-value in insulation?

The thermal performance of insulation is measured in R-Values—this is its ability to resist heat flow. The greater the R-Value of the insulation, the better its thermal performance—this means more heat is retained within the house during the winter months, and less air-conditioned air is lost during the summer months.

Over-Insulating Your Michigan Home

Home energy efficiency is a significant priority for many homeowners.

All homes need insulation, but there may be a point of "too much." If your home is sealed too tightly or over-insulated, moisture gets trapped inside the wall. The house cannot "breathe" without proper ventilation, building up too much moisture, supporting the growth of mold, especially in the attic where warm air rises, causing mold problems.

If you have mold in your home, too much insulation may not be the problem. Most homes and buildings across the country are under-insulated.  Mold issues and dampness in homes can be caused by such things as a leaking pipe, an old HVAC system, or a broken sump pump in the basement.

If you notice any of the three following symptoms, a home insulation inspection may be in order:

  • Higher than average energy bills not due to an increased usage
  • Drafts or uneven temperatures throughout the house
  • Unusually warm second floor

Ensure that the right amount of materials for maximum energy savings and comfort are installed correctly by using the professional installation services available at TCI Remediation.

If your house is feeling drafty or your utility bills are creeping up, the attic's insulation is a smart place to start. Many attics lack the proper insulation, significantly impacting the overall heating and cooling of your entire house.

Here at TCI Remediation, we specialize in installing solutions such as air sealing and attic insulation to improve energy efficiency throughout the home. By identifying problem areas in the attic, we can offer the right solutions to improve efficiency and save you money.

Home Insulation in the Areas

If you are looking to save money on your heating and cooling costs or you're thinking of upgrading your attic's insulation, contact the team at TCI Remediation (mold remediation specialists). We install the best quality materials and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Michigan R-Value Code and Minimums in Michigan

Michigan falls into 3 climate zones – the table below explains the minimum R-values to be followed according to the structure. The recommended level of insulation for most attics across the US is typically R-38, or about 10 to 14 inches, depending on the insulation type. 

R 408.31063a—Michigan's  Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (Part 10. Par. 9-g) of the energy code,  states the "minimum ceiling insulation R-values shall be R-24 in zones 5 to 7..."  Loose-fill fiberglass is ideal for attic use because it is light and inexpensive.

Insulation Climate Zones 

R-values are minimums. U-factors are maximums. When insulation is installed in a cavity that is less than the label or design thickness of the insulation, the installed R-value of the insulation shall not be less than the R-values specified in the table...

Should old attic insulation be removed?

The short answer is: not necessarily. If your current attic insulation hasn't been wet from roof damage and doesn't have mold, it will form a foundation for the additional attic insulation, thereby increasing the R-Value. We will check to see if you need more insulation by looking across your attic floor. For example, if the insulation level is at or below the top of the floor joists, you more than likely should consider adding more insulation.

Insulation Lifespans

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, different insulation has different lifespans, for example:

  • Spray foam insulation, house wrap, and wrap tape insulation have a lifespan of >=80 years
  • Cellulose, loose-fill, foam board, and rock wool insulation have a lifespan of >=100 years

Why We Recommend R-60

Michigan experiences some frigid winters, averaging 64" of snow per year compared to the US average of 28". Michigan also experiences high humidity, thunderstorms, and tornados. The 11,000 lakes of Michigan that cover over 40% of the state have a significant impact on the weather. The moisture and high winds cause the air to feel colder than the actual temperature.  Southern Michigan is comparably warmer, with an annual temperature range between 18-82 °F (ca. 28 °C). Northern Michigan temperatures range between 3-75 °F (ca. 24 °C). Using insulation with an R-Value of 60 will make a significant difference in your utility bills.

Michigan Climate Chart & Recommended Insulation Levels

According to EnergyStar, based on Michigan's location in 3 different temperature zones as well as an average of the coldest-month temperatures, an R-rating between 49-60 is highly recommended.

Energy Star Temperature Zones

What is the correct Insulation Attic R-Value for your home? 


What type of insulation do we install?

We use blown-in cellulose insulation at TCI Remediation--the right type of attic insulation makes a huge difference for your home's efficiency and comfort. Our preferred product is TruSoft's Stabilized Cellulose blown-in insulation --it is effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and is quickly installed.

With over 23 years of industry experience, TCI Remediation specialists are committed to providing you with more efficient and comfortable homes. From attic insulation to mold removal, mold treatment, air sealing, and more, we offer a wide range of home comfort services. TCI Remediation proudly provides free estimates in Brighton, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington, and Greater Ann Arbor.

The TCI Remediation Team is Ann Arbor's and surrounding local attic and mold removal specialists. Our mold treatment and mold removal process will improve the indoor air quality throughout your home. The expert installation of insulation, duct sealing, and air sealing will help lower utility bills and create more comfortable rooms. 

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