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Just had my shingles replaced this past October and needed to re-connect the venting for my bathroom vent and looked up in my attic to see what needed to be done. While up there is when I noticed that my sheathing was all dirty/moldy/mildewy looking from heat loss from my 1967 R13 batt insulation. I complained to my roofer that he should have looked up there first before replacing shingles as I could have easily replaced all the plywood. As it stood after the fact, I now needed mold remediation help. I called TCI remediation and had Reece Barron come out and take a look. After our meeting, I knew they were the right company to complete this task which was to remove and bag all the old insulation, seal any and all opening from living space into attic, place covers and seal over each light fixture, build a 4"-inch wall around my whole house attic fan, and a plywood box around my access opening. They then scrubbed and sprayed all the sheathing with a bleach solution (did not smell anything in my home) and then spray another mold killer to complete the mold kill. After all that was accomplished, they sprayed a loose fill (wetted) cellulose insulation 17" deep creating a R60 level barrier, which we noticed immediately below. Job well done. Looking forward to calling Reese again to come back and clean another section of lower roof that right now, has no access to it. Looking to add a hinged gable vent so that Reese can get access...That is down the road though. Way to go Team TCI. Job Well Done!!! Still blame the roofer though for not looking in the first place.

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