Case Studies

Attic Insulation Case Studies: Attic Insulation Cap off/Top Off

Friday, September 18th, 2020 by Brandon Newton


During our discovery, the homeowner mentioned that the rooms on the second floor were much hotter in the summer. The homeowner complained about the high cost to keep the house cool in the summer, and also the different temperatures changes from first to the second floor. After our inspection, we found that the attic was very under-insulated, which was the major contributing factor in the second-floor temperature.


We decided that a cap off would help reduce the air loss on the second floor, and used our Tru-soft Stabilized Cellulose so that we did not disturb, but increase the current insulation. We raised the R-value to R60 making the home much more efficient at keeping the cold air inside in the summer. This homeowner felt the difference in their home the same day.