Case Studies

Attic Insulation Case Studies: Remediation, Ventilation, Air Seal & Insulation to Save on your Home Energy

Thursday, July 1st, 2021 by Reece Barron


  The homeowner explained issues of mold being in the attic and the upstairs of the home being hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  The attic space was very hot and humid.  Mold had grown on the sheathing and trusses within the attic.  The problem within the attic were caused by poor ventilation from the soffits being blocked with insulation and the attic floor had not been air sealed.  After having a thorough inspection and discussion with the homeowner showing the soffit vents were blocked by insulation and not having baffles installed for proper ventilation in the attic mold is and was going to be a permanent problem.  After seeing all the leaks on his attic floor where conditioned air being paid for to heat and cool the home was being lost to the unconditioned attic the homeowner could see how fixing the problem would help his energy bills and reduce the chance of mold re-growth.  The homeowner's biggest concern with the problem was how much mold was in the attic for his family's health, and the amount of air loss he had within the home going into his attic.




 The homeowner chose our company to fix the problems in their attic because we were very thorough throughout the inspection process and hit all the key marks for solving the problems with the mold and energy problems within the home.  Our solution was to remove the old contaminated insulation within the attic, to airseal all the leaky top plates, bond plates, and wire penetrations on the attic floor with Zypfoam and remediate the mold in the attic.  We then installed 17" of TruSoft Cellulose insulation on the attic floor to get an R-60 insulation value.