Case Studies

Attic Insulation Case Studies: Inadequate Insulation in Attic, Ann Arbor

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 by Reece Barron


The homeowner had Balsam Wool Batt insulation on the roof deck from the '60s in their attic space that was either deteriorating and falling and/or missing between rafters.  The attic did not have a good enough thermal boundary and was making the room below the attic warm/cool.  The problem was caused because the insulation had deteriorated over time due to age.  The homeowner chose to have the old insulation removed and new insulation installed because Balsam Wool was not doing its job as a thermal boundary anymore, it was falling apart and getting all over the stuff they store in the attic.  The homeowner's biggest concern with the problem was that the insulation was no longer performing the way it should and they were also concerned about the type of insulation that was existing and if it was safe to have in the home.


  The homeowner chose our company because we were knowledgeable about the type of insulation they had and we were quick to respond for an inspection and install date.  Our solution was to remove all of the Balsam Wool insulation from the roof deck and vacuum the insulation that had fallen down on the attic floor to give them a clean attic space for storage.  We then installed all new R-19 Batt insulation between the rafters on the roof deck.  The biggest challenge we faced during the installation was the lack of space in the attic.  We used a combination of R-19 Batt fiberglass insulation and baffles to insure the attic was breathing properly between the insulation and the roof deck.  The homeowner now has a consistent R-value and thermal boundary on the roof deck.