Mold Removal Customer Testimonial from Corey W. in Brighton, MI

  Corey had called TCI for the reason that she still had mold odor in her home.  She previously had purchased her home in Brighton and had the home inspection stating traces of mold in the attic. This was taken care of upon the purchase.  Still after months of living in her new home she could still smell mold odors near the south side of the kitchen area. Our mold inspector Reece did discover where her problem lies after assessing the interior of the home including the attic along with the exterior also. The problem lies under her siding. There was no underlayment or weather resistive barrier underneath! This barrier is great for keeping water out at the same time letting water vapor escape from the house. We recommended a siding company to assess.  Corey was gracious to call and to say Reece was very professional and over the top knowledgeable about his job and much more. She gave TCI  a Big Thank you and will recommend our company to all her family and friends.

- Corey W. of Brighton, MI
Friday, June 10th
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