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Mold in Home Attic, Rochester

After a home inspection mold was established and needed remediation.  Our company was called in to clean the attic.  We use a product called RMR-86 and RMR-141 to clean the stain and mold. New durovent baffles were used for proper ventilation once the soffits were cleared of debris.

Attic Mold, Rochester

Homeowner called for mold remediation, after inspection also found bath fan ducting needed upgraded to on energy thermal duct along with new baffles for proper attic ventilation.

Moldy Attic, Rochester

Home inspection completed for a sale. Remediation needed our company was called out to do this job.  We use product RMR-86 and RMR-141 to clean the satin and mold.  We also ensure the ventilation is correct to help prevent reoccurrence of mold.

Unser Insulated Attic, Rochester

We were called to check an attic for home comfort.  Our customer had us top off this attic with new blown in stabilized cellulose insulation.  This blanket of top off insulation will add R value for more comfort in their home.

Mold in Home Attic, Troy

We were called out to this home for a Insulation proposal and unannounced to our customer she had mold in her attic, homeowner shocked and wanted this mold cleaned. Our company found a ventilation issue in customers home which was the cause of her mold.  We remediated the mold using product RMR-86 and RMR-141 to remove the stain and mold.  Afterwards we added new baffles after cleaning the soffits of insulation and debris.

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