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TCI Remediation Before & After Photos

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Mold in Home Attic, Troy

We were called out to this home for a Insulation proposal and unannounced to our customer she had mold in her attic, homeowner shocked and wanted this mold cleaned. Our company found a ventilation issue in customers home which was the cause of her mold.  We remediated the mold using product RMR-86 and RMR-141 to remove the stain and mold.  Afterwards we added new baffles after cleaning the soffits of insulation and debris.

Under insulated Loft, Livonia

Upper stairs loft extremely cold in the winter

Attic Insulation, Livonia

Extremely under-insulated home. We brought the R-Value to Nearly R60 which will dramatically reduce heat loss in the winter months. 

Mold in Attic, Livonia

Attic mold found after home inspection complete

Mold discovered in the attic, Birmingham

Home in process of selling the home, an inspector found mold in the attic.  Our company remediated this mold with RMR-86 and RMR-141 products which will remove the stain and mold. 

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