Case Studies

Case Studies

Replaced Attic Insulation
The chief complaint from our customer is second-floor rooms are unbearably hot in the summer and extremely cold in winter. The customer had to use window air conditioning...
Attic Insulation Cap off/Top Off
During our discovery, the homeowner mentioned that the rooms on the second floor were much hotter in the summer. The homeowner complained about the high cost to keep the house...
We were called after the owner noticed mold, excessive heat, and a lack of insulation in his attic. The mold was covering the entire roof deck and the majority of trusses...
Attic Insulation with new catwalk and four seasons room storage area beneat...
 Enjoying all seasons in Michigan should be standard for all Michiganders weather inside or out.  Customers' four seasons room became inhospitable to enjoy anymore. ...
Insulation completion install
The client found through an inspection that the house and garage were very underinsulated. We were able to show that the previously hired company had not finished their work,...
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